"The book excels at presenting...the author's ever-present dread of sexual victimization" ~ Kirkus Reviews

"For those who have experienced pain this book will inspire you to realize how important it is to speak up and not suffer in silence. This is an exceptional story of how Julia turned tragedy into triumph. She unveils sexual abuse in the military and accurately depicts situations which lead up to the abuse occurring." ~ Dana Robinson-Street, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Family Nurse Practitioner-Board Certified, Health Professional Educator, Lieutenant, U.S. Navy, Retired

"Well written, enlightening and a story that MUST be told." ~ Patricia S. Casey, Administrative Assistant for the former Doctor Maya Angelou

"Julia Torres is a fighter--from playground battles in New Jersey, to Operation Desert Shield, from battling the effects of a date-rape drug to government-ordered BP pills silently waging war on her body. This is the explosive story of a young woman who never backs down, whether a decorated soldier bringing to light the cover-up of sexual harassment in the armed forces or later working as an undercover agent.


As a high school and college English/Theatre teacher for forty-seven years, I recommend this brave, jaw-dropping book that chronicles the experiences of a true hero for readers 14 to 94." ~ Sarah Rosenberg, Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Open Hydrant Theatre Company, Bronx, New York

 “A deeply moving and very disturbing story of a woman serving in the Armed Forces, during combat operations. This is the tale of a Soldier fighting two wars; One, the liberation of Kuwait from the Iraqi forces of Saddam Hussein during Operation Desert Storm; The other, the preservation of her inalienable rights, her psychological stability, and her personal safety. Listen to this fresh, courageous voice, then inform yourself about the shameful case of Julia Torres.” ~ Fenton Reese, Sergeant Major, USMC, Retired

"In her memoir, Julia vividly and candidly invites us to share intimate moments which shaped her into the woman she is today, still standing. Her personal account of perseverance and triumph reminds us that our circumstances do not define us but rather molds us into the best version of ourselves."  ~ Patty Smith, LT COL, USA

"Julia Torres, one very strong woman, one amazing inspiration to us all!" ~ James A. Quattrochi, Director, Producer, Actor

"Julia Torres relays a powerful and transparent story with a writing style that grips the reader to want to know more.  It’s a life story everyone can relate and identify with at some level.  It will touch your heart and cause you to both feel the anguish and joy as you are taken on a journey of joy, heartache, and faith. A journey that will inevitably cause you to think about your own journey of faith and hope.” ~ Pastor Steve Hannett,  Abundant Grace Christian Church


MANY WOMEN ARE MOLESTED AND RAPED in America, some no doubt on their prom night, but this brilliant, compelling story stands out in a category of its own. Julia Torres joined the United States Army, bound for a war zone, in order to get killed rather than open the emotional wound she had sustained, but, in the chaos of battle and surrounded by her close buddies, found her life instead - and truth, the greatest weapon of all, to sustain her in it. Her memoir rivets and inspires...

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My Undercover Life

A GREAT INSIGHT INTO THE SHADOW WORLD of working Undercover through the eyes of a female Undercover who has maintained her moral compass after several years of UC work...


-Joseph Pistone, Retired FBI agent who spent twenty years working Undercover as Donnie Brasco

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